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ZOMONGO’s MONGO Loyalty Rewards Program operates through its digital blockchain platform, providing users with a unique and engaging experience. Here’s an overview of the program:

Fixed Coin Value: The program is based on MONGO, a digital asset with a stable value of 1 Point = 1 $0.50 USD per coin. This fixed value provides users with clarity and consistency in the perceived worth of their rewards.


Event Participation: Users can earn MONGO Coins by attending and actively participating in various events facilitated through the ZOMONGO APP.

Shopping Rewards:
Making purchases at affiliated merchants through the ZOMONGO APP also allows users to accumulate MONGO Coins.


Event Payments: Accumulated MONGO Coins can be used to pay for items at events, such as tickets and concessions. This feature enhances the flexibility of the rewards by directly contributing to event-related expenses.

Merchant Transactions: Users can redeem MONGO Coins for payments while shopping at participating merchants, further integrating the loyalty rewards into their everyday transactions.

User Engagement: The loyalty rewards program aims to enhance user engagement by creating incentives for both event participation and shopping activities within the ZOMONGO APP. This engagement contributes to a vibrant and active user community.

Transparent and Secure Transactions:
Leveraging blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of transactions, fostering trust among users participating in the MONGO COIN loyalty rewards program.


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“Founded in 2017, “powered by ZOMONGO Inc.,” headquartered in Alberta, Canada, operates as a leading “lifestyles digital coupon network.” Our core focus involves the collection, maintenance, and real-time monitoring of user analytics data through app interactions. With dedicated efforts, we've successfully broadened our network and services to encompass over 70,000 locations worldwide, spanning across the USA, Canada, and extending globally to regions including South America, the UK, and Asia.”

Events and Businesses can purchase pins on our global map to place on top of their designated location. These pins allow us to push coupon-based notifications towards the end user, directing them to associated pins at exclusive ZOMONGO merchants and events throughout the United States and Canada.

ZOMONGO has cultivated an audience exceeding 40,000,000+ individuals.


Why compete with other couponing programs when ZOMONGO is the #1 Merchants and Events app.

With our app analytics, we monitor individuals’ locations, travel, and purchase history. We’re able to accomplish all of this via the coupon redemption portion of the app. When someone redeems a coupon, we monitor when the coupon is accepted, the distance travelled and the time it took to redeem it.

ZOMONGO takes this one step further, using user data combined with a self learning AI based algorithm which results in an automated coupon service. If a vendor has too much stock and the algorithm sees this, it will design and recommend a coupon to the vendor with a prompt. The vendor will see this through their smart device and they have an option to send it out. Once the vendor confirms this, the algorithm will send the newly created coupon deal to users who are the most likely to purchase that product.


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ZOMONGO's core focus is on embracing “living the BIG LIFE” experience, achieved by delivering top-tier deals and discounts within your vicinity. Enjoy the privilege of receiving “EXCLUSIVE” coupons from local merchants. Participate in engaging ZOMONGO events and take the opportunity to recount and share your own personal encounters.

1. Deals & Discounts Opportunities: ZOMONGO presents an array of deals and discounts sourced from local, regional, and national businesses, providing an excellent avenue to economize on your purchases.

2. Exclusive Coupons: Access “EXCLUSIVE” coupons and special offers curated from our collaborating merchants and partners.

3. Community Businesses: Establish connections with enterprises situated in your immediate locality.

4. ZOMONGO Events Immerse yourself in entertainment while unlocking further exclusive offers on a variety of products and services.

5. Engage in Sharing Experiences: Take the chance to express your perspectives, recount your encounters, and provide reviews regarding your utilization of ZOMONGO deals and your participation in events.

ZOMONGO's platform integrates local offers, events, and a communal dimension that enhances the enjoyment of diverse life experiences while also enabling cost savings. Revel in local exploration, embrace novel endeavors, and capitalize on discounts and offers within your community.

· ZOMONGO’s Wireless QR Code Reader Credit/Debt/Rewards POS Terminals ·

ZOMONGO plans to introduce portable wireless QR Code Reader Credit/Debit terminals in participating physical locations, aiming to streamline the Rewards Program and simplify interactions between ZOMONGO App users and merchant locations.

The ZOMONGO App user opens the app on their mobile device, featuring a unique QR scan code assigned to them.

The Merchant inputs the purchase amount into the ZOMONGO terminal.

The app user scans their QR code with their device, swiftly completing the transaction.

The Merchant inputs the purchase amount into the ZOMONGO terminal.

The app user scans their QR code with their device, swiftly completing the transaction.


Overall, ZOMONGO’s MONGO COIN loyalty rewards program combines digital innovation, a stable rewards coin value of $0.50/coin, and versatile earning and redemption options to create a compelling and rewarding experience for its users.


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